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University of Debrecen Faculty of Music is the first institution in Hungary starts a program for popular music training, taking the first steps towards raising this field of music onto the level of higher education.

In the second semester of the 2017/2018 academic year the Faculty of Music will start Pop Music Courses for vocal and most frequent instruments in popular music genres. These optional courses with tuition fee will be available for candidates with previous musical experience.


You can choose the following individual courses:

  • vocal
  • drums
  • bass guitar
  • guitar
  • keyboards

Band rehearsal is part of the training.


Contents of the Pop Music Course:

Participants of the course can obtain further knowledge and improve their instrumental skills about

  • the usage of instruments and vocal techniques typical in popular music genres
  • electronics connected to the instruments
  • characteristic features and requirements of working in a band
  • making demo studio recordings
  • technical and musical requirements of live performances.

Number of credits per semester for the optional courses (instrumental/vocal + band rehearsal): 3 credits


Instructors and Tutors

Instructors of the courses are the teachers of MZTSZ Kőbánya Music Studio.
Tutors of the courses are rock musicians invited by the instructors to help students with their musical work.



University of Debrecen Faculty of Music, Pop Music Training Center
Debrecen, Füredi út 44.


Application and participation:

You can apply online using the link below:

After the application period there will be an audition.
The result of the audition will decide the number of admitted students in the different courses.

For students of the university the optional course will be registered in the “Neptun” system by the Registrars Department of the Faculty of Music.


Date of audition: January 19th 2018, Friday, from 10 am.

University of Debrecen Faculty of Music, Pop Music Training Center

Debrecen, Füredi út 44.



Participants will be graded at the end of semester.
Students with outstanding results will have the opportunity to perform at a gala concert.


Tuition fee:
For foreign students in English: 30 000 HUF/month

The tuition fee has to be paid in total for the whole semester by the end of the deadline set by the Faculty of Music, through the electronic system (Neptun).
In certain individual cases the tuition fee can be paid in installments.


Candidates will be provided with further information about the timetables and other questions after confirmation of their admittance.


Contact us:


Dr. Lakatos Péter

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