BA - Musical Creative Art and Musicology

Level of degree: Bachelor of Arts (baccalaureus artium, abbreviated as: BA)


  • Music Theoretician
  • Assistant Music


  • Music Theory
  • General Studies in Music

Duration: 6 semesters

Credits obtained: The Bachelor degree requires the completion of 180 credits (ETC)

Aim of the programme: To educate musicians who - with their performing skills, theoretical knowledge, and highly developed musical abilities - enrich and spread Hungarian and European music culture. They can enrich the repertoire of musical knowledge with their sophisticated musical taste and are able to work in musical institutions and in other occupations which require music education.

Entry requirements:

  • high school certificate
  • English language proficiency
  • entrance examination (More information...)


  • Main subjects: Music Theory, Solfeggio
  • Other subjects:  History of Music, Folk Music, Philosophy, Art History, Acoustic, Repertoire Studies, Choral conducting, Transposing and Score reading, Composition, Choir, Piano, Singing               

Career prospects: Graduated students are able to work in musical institutions and in other occupations which require music education. With their high standard of knowledge, they can continue their studies in one of the MA specializations.


  • Application fee: 150 USD
  • Entrance procedure fee: 350 USD
  • Tuition fee: 8.500 USD/year

Updated: 2019.01.30.

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