Choir Conducting


  1. Conducting three choral works chosen and prepared by the candidate. The difficulty level must be equivalent with the standard of BA or college final exams.The three works must include a renaissance or early baroque choral piece or movement, a romantic piece for mixed choir and a Bartók piece for females’ choir. The pieces must be conducted by heart. One of the three pieces will be chosen by the Examination Board.
  2. Rehearsing a choral piece of Hungarian or Latin language. The sheet of this piece is handed to the candidate 2 hours prior to the exam.

Solfeggio and Theory of Music

Written assignments

  • dictation, harmonic and tonality analysis of the highest and lowest parts of a 4-part 18th-19th century choral work fragment
  • notation of the treble part of a fragment from a 2-part 20th century piece
  • formal and harmonic analysis of the sheet of a short movement or piece, recognising its stylistic features

Oral assignments

  • performance of 2 romantic songs with the candidate’s own piano accompaniment, detailed analysis of these songs
  • singing and piano performance and analysis of the works prepared for the conducting exam
  • sight-reading of a fragment from a contemporary vocal piece


  • Performance of 3 works by heart

    • a piece by J.S.Bach ( 1 prelude and fugue or 2 suite movements)
    • a sonata-form movement of a Viennese classical piece
    • a romantic or 20th century piece for piano

Sight reading (vocal accompaniment) of a song or choral work, after studying it for a short period of time.


  • Performance of two songs from different stylistic periods and of different character by heart in the original language. Accompanist is provided on the premises.
  • Score-rading
  • Playing a 3-4 part choral work after 1-2- minute preparation.

Music literature

  • Assessing the candidate’s general knowledge of music literature and essential musical terminology.


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