Requirements for oratorio and lied singing (MA)

  • 3 songs/lieds, one of which should be composed by a Hungarian composer in Hungarian language
  • 1 aria from a baroque oratorio, mass or cantata
  • 1 aria from a classical oratorio, mass or cantata, or a concerto aria
  • 1 aria from a romantic or modern oratorio, mass or cantata

One of the oratorio segments should include a recitativo in German language. One of the oratorio segments should be in Hungarian language, if possible. The arias should represent 3 different eras of music history and should be sung in different languages. At least one segment must include a coloratura and must be a cheerful piece. If the candidate is not Hungarian the Hungarian piece may be substituted with another piece of the same difficulty. Three copies of the material of the entrance exam must be sent to the examination board prior to the exam, with the name indicated on each copy. The entrance exam is preceded by a consultation class, for which the candidate should prepare with 3 musical segments. The candidate will be informed about the exact time of the consultation class beforehand.


Updated: 2017.07.11.