PERFORMING ART Entrance Exam Requirements for Church Music – Organ (BA)

A DVD recording is required for the application, as assigned in the following list.

  • Singing of 3 movements from the following plainsong movements

    • Ad te levavi (introitus)
    • Rorate caeli (introitus)
    • Puer natus est (introitus)
    • Resurrexi (introitus)
    • Christus factus est (graduale)
    • Haec dies (graduale)
    • Alleluja Ostende nobis
    • Alleluja Dies sanctificatus
    • Victimae paschali (sequentia)
    • Missa IV. Kyrie (Cunctipotens Genitor Deus)

(The given movements can be sung from any sheet of any publication. e.g.: Liber Usualis)

  • Performance of three organ pieces from different stylistic periods.

If candidates are found suitable on the basis of their enclosed DVD recordings, the Faculty of Music will send detailed information about auditions. Candidates have to take part in an audition to fulfil their entrance requirements of their chosen majors.

Information about Further Entrance Exam Requirements

Written Test

  • notation of a two-part baroque (imitation) segment by dictation
  • notation of a one-part 20th century piece of music by dictation
  • notation and harmonic analysis of the two outer parts of a Viennese classical segment
  • notation and tonal analysis of two and three-part chord chains

Oral exam

  • material brought by the candidate: 6 pieces from the vocal literature of the period between the 17th century and our times (choral works, short arias, songs). The pieces must be analysed, sung and accompanied on the piano by the candidate. The list and the sheets (without any inscriptions made by the candidate) of the works must be brought by the candidate.
  • sight-reading: singing a 18-19th century aria or song segment with piano (accompaniment is provided by a member of the Examination Board)
  • assessment of knowledge of the harmony and formal structure of the Viennese classical period
    • playing chains of harmonies by figured bass or by dictation
    • complex analysis of a movement chosen from the material brought by the candidate (piano, voice)


  • Singing 10 folk songs by heart from the candidate’s country, introducing the songs’ characteristic and ethnographic features.
  • singing 10 Hungarian folk songs in a language chosen by the candidate



Performance of three piano pieces or movements by heart

  • a piece by Bach
  • a sonata form movement from the Viennese classical period
  • a romantic piece or a piece by Bartók


  • A healthy, trainable voice is a requirement for entry.
  • Expressive performance of two songs/lieds by heart of different character, composed in different stylistic periods, with piano.
  • Pianist is provided by the Examination Board.


  • Three pieces for organ of different styles, chosen by the candidate


  • the candidate must list the stages of his/her connection with church music
  • knowledge of the 10 plainsong movements listed above
  • the candidate presents his/her further skills in church music (e.g.: by performing

Gregorian melodies or sacred folksongs specific for his/her congregation)

Updated: 2019.01.15.

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