MA for Teaching (TMA)

The objective of the program is to train teachers (already possessing a BA degree or other certificate of higher education) who will work in one-to-one or group music education at schools or at other artistic institutions:

  • with a BA degree for Teacher of Classical Instrument: the specific musical instrument and chamber music
  • with a BA degree for Teacher of Classical Voice: voice, chamber singing, song literature, speech practice and health of voice
  • with a BA degree for Teacher of Church Music (church music-conducting, church music-organ): courses of church music major
  • with a BA degree for Teacher of Musicology: theory of music, solfeggio, folk music, history of music, music literature and imporivisation
  • with a BA degree for Teacher of Musicology – Singing/Music: theory of music, solfeggio, folk music, history of music, music literature, improvisation, music at schools and choir

The training provides skills and knowledge for continuing studies at doctoral school.

General informations about MA for Teaching

Requirements for Entry

Students can take up this form of education if they have already obtained a BA degree for Teacher of Music / Instrument, or –according to the 1993 decree n. LXXX – if they have already followed similar college or university studies. If there is no obvious correspondence between previous and TMA studies, the prerequisite of entering TMA is 110 credits of courses completed before in the corresponding field of studies. The decision about acceptance is in the hands of the institution. BA majors/fields of studies accepted as prerequisite for entering TMA:

  • BA for Performing Art, studies compatible with teaching music (classical instruments: piano, organ, guitar, violin, viola, cello, double bass, recorder, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, French horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, percussions; classical voice,; church music: church music-organ, church music-conducting)
  • adequate studies of BA for Composition and Musicology (composition, musicology, theory of music).

If students enter TMA training with qualifications different from the above mentioned, the institution may assign additional courses within the adequate field of studies. These additional courses can be completed simultaneously with the TMA training.

Entrance Exam and Detailed Requirements for Entry

Updated: 2019.01.15.

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