Master of Education (ME)

General Information

Legal measures for Master of Education training

283/2012 (X.4.) governement decree – about the system of teacher training, the structure of majors and the list of teacher training courses.
8/2013 (I.30.) EMMI decree – about the set requirements of teacher training and the educational and output requirements of teacher training majors.

General information about the new Master of Education system

Since September 2013 teacher training has been reincorporated into an undivided educational system-instead of the divided Bologna scehdule.

The training of teachers of instruments and music takes up 4+1 years of studies and prepares students for working as teachers at primary institutions of music. Musicology-music teacher training is a double major for 4+1 years and prepares students to take up teaching positions at primary institutions of music education or primary/secondary schools. The +1 year is the time for teaching practice at schools. Number of credits to be obtained: 300.

ME training for teacher of singing/music, church music, conducting and musicology takes up 5+1 years and works with a double major system. Number of credits to be obtained: 360 . ME degree for church music artist-teacher, choir conductor-teacher and teacher of musicology can only be obtained together with a degree for singing/music artist-teacher. These majors prepare students for teaching at primary and secondary institutions of education.

Our 2-semester long (60 credits) trainings for music artist-teachers also prepare students for teaching at secondary institutions of education. These trainings are for different musical instrument majors who, having already completed their BA education, take up MA studies, or have already completed them.
This form of training also includes 1 semester of teaching practice at schools.

At majors for teaching, number of credits for teacher training (except for the 2-semester artist-teacher major) 100, in every form of education.
Courses for special field of studies

  • for 4+1 year long single major training 200 credits;
  • for 4+1 year long double major training 100-100 credits/ major;
  • for 5+1 year long double major training 130-130 credits/major.

In the case of music artist-teachers’ training the number of credits for musical courses is 0, as the students have already completed those studies during their MA education. The number of credits for teacher training courses (also including teaching practice) is 60.

Minimal number of credits for optional courses

  • in a 12-semester training system : 15 credits;
  • in a 10-semester training system: 13credits;
  • in a 2-semester training system: 3 credits.

Updated: 2018.03.12.